Bag Making Patterns Club

  • Some examples of our bag designs
  • Some examples of our bag designs
  • Some examples of our bag designs
  • Some examples of our bag designs

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How does this Bag Making Pattern Club work?
Like with any other Club, you register to become a Member. Once you are a Member, and for as long as you continue to be a Member, we will email you a new and exclusive bag pattern each month. We also have a variety of smaller bag-related Bonus projects for you to try each couple of weeks as well.
Is fabric included to make these bags?
No - as these are downloadable patterns that you need to print off yourself, it is too difficult for us to include any fabric with it. Obviously, like in any pattern you'd buy, we will tell you quantities of fabric that you will need, and we can suggest colours you can use to make a bag the same as ours pictured. We find this is a much more versatile option for you, as you can then choose the colours you want, and use up fabrics from your stash if you like, rather than being forced to stick to a set colour scheme. This way you can put your own creative stamp on your bag and really make it yours.
How do I print my pattern instructions and templates?
Almost all patterns will come to you with full size templates and designs. Any standard printer for your computer will be able to print off these patterns and instructions. All templates have been designed to fit on to a standard A4 page so you shouldn't need to resize them and you can use them as is. To make sure that each page of templates prints accurately, we have included a small 3 inch scale for you to measure. If your inch ruler lines up with the scale, the page has been printed accurately and you're right to get started making your new bag.
Can I just buy a pattern for a single bag?
Our bag patterns are only available to Members of the Club, so we cannot sell individual patterns separately. However, you are not restricted to being a Member for any specific length of time, so it is entirely up to you how long you choose to remain with us, and how many bag patterns you will receive. The same new bag design will go out to all Members at the same time however, so you will not be able to specify a particular pattern in a particular month of Membership.
How do I pay my monthly membership?
Your club membership will need to be paid by credit card, through PayPal. This is a popular automated third party payment system that will ensure your security and privacy, as PayPal has state of the art security, so you can rest assured your credit card details are safe. In fact, once you have set up this payment easily with PayPal, we will not have access to your credit card details.
When is my credit card charged?
Your monthly Club Membership will be debited from your credit card each month, on the same date as when you first joined.
When I join the Club, do I have to stay for a certain length of time, and is it easy to unsubscribe?
When you join the Club, you only stay a member for as long as you want. Your card is charged monthly, so if at any time you want to unsubscribe, simply just email us to let us know that you wish to cancel your Membership.
I'm going away - can I suspend my Membership and start up again when I return?
Unfortunately our system will not allow suspension of your membership, and then restarting again. However, if you will be away for an extended time and don't want to receive our emails with patterns and projects, just unsubscribe and then re-join the Club when you return to start receiving patterns again.
I'm a beginner level bag-maker - Can I make the bags from this Club?
Of course!! We'd love you to jump in boots and all, and give our bags a go. Whilst some bags will be more complex than others, we do provide detailed instructions and we find if you love a bag, you'll take on the challenge and learn new skills and techniques as you go, and really, that's all part of your Bag Making Journey.
I want to show you the Bag I've just completed - Can I send you a photo?
Yes, Yes, Yes!!! We love nothing more than seeing what our members have made, and we love being able to share your successes with our other Members too. We are currently working on having a Members' Gallery added to our website, just so we can display your photos for the other Club members to admire. In the meantime, please send them in to us, and we will add them as soon as this section is up and running.

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