Bag Making Patterns Club

  • Some examples of our bag designs
  • Some examples of our bag designs
  • Some examples of our bag designs
  • Some examples of our bag designs

Calling All 'Bag-a-Holics'...

Have You Dreamt of a Ready-Made Supply of Quality, New and Exclusive Bag Patterns?
Do You Long for More, Different and Creative Bag Designs that You can Make Your Own?

Then let us help you...

Wouldn't it be wonderful to be able to easily and cheaply receive new bag patterns to make at home as you like? And just think of the benefits of being able to build up your own Ready Reference Library of Bag Patterns. Access them whenever You like, and you can even 'mix and match' patterns to create Whole New Designs all on your Own!

Welcome to our online Bag of the Month Club! At, we are thrilled to be able to offer you a range of Exclusive New Bag Designs and Fabulous Value.

Annette and Jody

We are a Mother and Daughter team that shares a love of good design and creativity with fabric. We've been making our own bags for years now, and when we shared some with the Members of our online quilting Club - Quilt Block of the Month as occasional Free Bonuses, we received such an overwhelming response to our bag patterns that we felt compelled to make them available to more bag making Enthusiasts.

"Thank you so much for the bag pattern. ... I will be making it in several colours. I really like the style."

Dianne, NSW

Bags to Make Your Own

Good Value is very important to us, as is the expression of personal creativity, and we know it is to you too. We have a range of New Bag Patterns available Exclusively to Members of the Bag Making Patterns Club for you to make up as you like. No kits here - we supply the patterns and designs and you add your own fabrics to create your own individual and unique bags.

In keeping with our promise of Exceptional value for you, many of our designs are able to be "mixed and matched" so you have still more flexibility with the bags you make - put an appliqué or stitched design featured on one bag onto a bag design from another month, or perhaps swap some bag handles around.

With each month, you will grow your own Library of Unique Bag Patterns and Designs, so you will always be able to create something Special whenever you like.

Felt Ribbon Bag

So How Does the Bag Making Patterns Club Work?

"I would just like to thank you for the Bag pattern - it's lovely!"

Amanda, South Africa

To start receiving your New Bag Patterns, you simply need to Join the Club, and then you will automatically receive a Downloadable pattern for a Brand New Bag each month for as long as you choose to remain a Member.

You will also receive a smaller Free Bonus Pattern for another bag, a stitched or appliquéd design panel, or something that you can use on a bag. That's TWO different patterns, for less than the cost of a single bag pattern you might buy from a shop!

".....thank you for the opportunity to participate in such a wonderful thing. The patterns are great."

Lea, NSW

Our range of designs includes handbags, purses and totes in a variety of sizes, as well as bags for children and friends. And with plastic shopping bags being gradually phased out, you'll need a good range of sturdy fabric bags to take with you when you go shopping.

We all know the value in making bags - aside from saving many hard-earned dollars buying expensive and mass produced commercial bags, you can create the value through individuality in, and time spent creating your own bags. Importantly too - your friends and family will also value the bags you make them as gifts and presents as well.

And Whilst We're Talking Gifts...

As our first Gift to you, and to show you a sample of our designs, we have a Free Pattern here, for our 'Foxy Boxy Bag' for you to just print off and start making today.

Foxy Boxy Bag

Download this FREE pattern right now and start sewing!

This smart and stylish generous sized tote features simple clean-cut lines to showcase some fabulous fabric and handles. This slimline bag has stiffened sides, and a contrast fabric pocket on the inside, large enough to hold your phone and keys. This bag is very easy to make and is sure to become a firm favourite.

We know this is a great start, but don't miss everything else we have for you.

Join the Club and get ready to Start Receiving a Wonderful Assortment of Brand New, Unique and Exclusive Bag Patterns Delivered Direct to Your Desktop for LESS THAN $10 PER MONTH. (That's LESS than the Cost of a Single Bag Pattern you might buy from a regular shop!)

Register Your Bag Club Membership Now for only $9.90 AUD per Month and get the Best Value for Your Bag Making Dollars.

Excited? Eager to get started? Just click here to join the Club
and start downloading your first pattern.
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Make Quilts Too?

For even Greater Value, if you are a Quilter too, make sure you check out our Extensive Range of Original Block of the Month Quilts at Join the Quilt Club, and receive your Membership in the Bag Making Patterns Club for FREE! That's TWO for the Price of ONE!!!

"...I have also downloaded the special gifts which look wonderful. I am sure they will provide many hours of enjoyment. Thanks again."

Noela, VIC

To show you how we value our Club Members, we have decided to include 3 Special Bonus Gifts worth $34.00 - FREE for you to download and enjoy once you've Registered as a Bag Making Patterns Club Member.

These Bonuses are exclusive to the Bag Making Patterns Club and include:

Special Gift Bonus #1

A Set of Three Different Stitchery Designs suitable for pockets or panels on any of your bags.

Value $15.00

Example of the Special Gift Bonus

Looking for some more inspiration? Or some Different Designs to include on a bag, (or in a quilt or wallhanging)? We have put together this Set of Stitchery Designs just for You to keep and use as a Resource and the start of your Bag Making Ready Reference Library of Designs.

Your Special Gift Bonus #1 is a set of three Original Stitchery Designs that you may stitch as you wish and include in your bags as pockets or panels.

Special Gift Bonus #2

A Comprehensive Report on a Huge Variety of Ways You can Embellish Your Bags.

Value $7.00

Example of the Special Gift Bonus

Now you'll never be stuck again for an idea on how to best embellish one of your handmade bags.

In your Special Gift Bonus #2, we will cover many different ways you can use to enhance your own Handmade bags. From different trims you can add, to embroidery and applique, and ribbons, buttons and bows, we'll have a suggestion for you to try. You will be able to refer time and again to this Report for hints and tips, and new ideas to add further dimension to Your bags.

Special Gift Bonus #3

A Set of Six Exclusive Bag Label Designs - identify your own bag, or use as a gift tag for a present.

Value $12.00

Example of the Special Gift Bonus

To complete your bag, wouldn't it be nice to be able to add that final, personal touch of a label? Whether to just identify your own bag, or record when you made it, or for a special message in a bag destined as a gift , use your Bag Label as an Enhancement to complement all the work you put into making it.

As your Third Special Gift Bonus for registering as a Bag Making Patterns Club Member, we would like you to have this set of Original Bag Label Designs. They include a variety of designs, ranging from small stitched pictures to simple border styles, and you will find stitching these more personal labels a quick and very satisfying end to each of your handmade bags.

We Guarantee that we will Always provide a Range of Exciting New Bag Patterns to help You Create Wonderful Handmade Bags You will be Proud to Show off.

We guarantee that you are going to LOVE being a part of the Bag Making Patterns Club. If however there is any reason that you would not want to continue with your Membership, please just let us know and we will immediately stop processing payments, not charge you another penny... AND you get to keep everything you have already received. Join Now

If you:

...then this is the Club for You.

Annette and Jody

We look forward to meeting you online.
Happy Quilting! Signatures of Annette and Jody

P.S: Remember, as a Bag Making Patterns Club Member, for only $9.90 AUD per month you will receive a Brand New and Exclusive Original Bag Pattern delivered Directly to your Desktop Each Month, AS WELL AS a smaller Free Bonus Pattern for a bag, a stitchery or applique design, or something you can use on a bag. That's TWO patterns, for less than the cost of a Regular single bag pattern you might buy from a shop!

P.P.S: Don't forget our Special Gift Bonuses for New Members. Valued at over $30.00, these Special Free Bonuses include a whole variety of wonderful additions to your bag making resources, and are yours to keep, no matter what.

P.P.P.S: Don't forget to download your FREE "Foxy Boxy Bag" Pattern here.

P.P.P.P.S: Quilters - Check out our Sister Club - for an Extra Special TWO for ONE Clubs deal.

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